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Sponsor is seeking sponsors.

Website Sponsors

Currently we have a 125×125 spot available which appears in the right column of all pages on  For more information about it.  We will have more spots opening up soon.

Food Sponsor’s Welcome

So what’s all the chatter about Boston SEO Meetup?’s is a monthly meet up event at

———————- Why Be a Food Sponsor?

Free Exposure:

Email sent with your company mention to 450+ Boston area members. Website mentioned on the event agenda page and recap forum post.

Free Consulting:

SEO pro’s will work for food! Will let you demo your product or ask a question to gain advice from 50+ captive attendees for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Link Love:

Need some SEO link love to help boost your websites search rankings? Well you can’t “buy links” from us, but it can spark some links for feeding the group well.

Costs: About $50 to $100 Bucks.

It’s a business expense to take a trip to the wholesale club or grocery store to pick up some good snacks like…


Crackers & cheese


Vegetable tray with dip

Cookies / desert items


Soda, juice & water.

** If you can’t attend in person, then you can send us a check for $100 and will pick up the goodies.


Just like no creditable SEO firm should be guaranteeing search engine rankings. We don’t guarantee a thing, but we had some previous sponsor’s that did get a bunch of exposure and quality link mentions. Plus an SEO firm that wasn’t able to come back to a meeting for three months, we can only assume that they must have bin swamped in consulting projects earned from all the event referrals. Now just to set expectation, we haven’t had a food sponsor win every #1 search ranking in the world…yet….. But huge bribes’ of gourmet gift baskets, can only help your chances of retiring early.

Please contact a organizer to request your sponsorship!