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3+ Years of Amazing Guest Speakers for Boston SEO Meetup.

By Brian Hawkins

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Boston SEO Meetup has had a plethora of interesting guest speakers from experienced industry vets, to some interesting local web entrepreneurs. Take a look at some of the speakers that have presented in our monthly Boston internet marketing networking event.

This list was pulled from the over 40 events we have had since launching the group in February of 2006.

Comments from the first event in February 2006

Its bin a long journey since the two of us showed up at a local coffee shop

  • 2 attendees
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Brian Hawkins

Look forward to planning next events. We will try to make it a roundtable discussion to answer all your seo questions of how google works.

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Dave Matson

A good start to our group, even though only 2 of us were there. We had a wide ranging discussion about many aspects of the SEO business, as well as methodologies and philosophy.

——————– Sample Guest Speaker List

Eric Lander

10+ year SEO Vet

Chris Brogan

Social Media Expert

Scott Smigler
Exclusive Concepts, Inc

A local SEM/SEO agency

Eric J. Hansen
SiteSpect: A conversion rate tool

Scott Ginsberg
Senior Account Manager
Commission Junction

Venkat Kolluri


John Cass

Robert & John


Nick Stamoulis
President and Founder of:
Brick Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Journal

Eric Enge
Stone Temple Consulting (STC)

Todd Bairstow
Principal & SEM Pro


Affiliate Marketer

John Hargrave

Founder &

Bill Leake
CEO at Apogee Search

Harry J. Gold
CEO & Managing Partner
Overdrive Interactive

Andy Sweet

Domain & PPC click fraud expert

Derek Edmond

K.O. Marketing Associates

Dave Wilson

Chief Strategist

Blogs at:

2/2/09 Nick Koscianski,
President, forum moderator

4/6/09 Michael Briggs
VP-Search Strategies
Website Publicity

5/4/09 Amit Mehta
Super Affiliate Mindset

6/15/09 Larry Kim
Founder of
WordStream Vision

7/13/09 Byron White
Founder &

8/3/09 Ryan D. Abood

Gourmet Gift Baskets .com

9/1/09 Chris Baggott of Compendium Blogware

Compendium Corporate Blog

10/5/09 Stephen Turcotte, President and Founder of Backbone Media.

11/2/09 Stuart Foster
Principal at The Lost Jacket

12/7/09 Robert Cavilla
Managing Partner
UpWord Search Marketing

Sample guest websites featured for SEO review

Matt Casey


Mark Miller


Jeff Takle

Peter Caputa
WhizSpark Corporation

**now at

Founders from

Robert Glazer

Rob Kassner


Contact if you’d like to be a possible guest speaker, sponsor or have your website reviewed in the next Seo meetup.