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July Boston SEO Meetup Event Recap

July 14, 2011 by  

The July Boston SEO Meetup event (held on Tuesday July 12, 2011) featured guest speaker Jesse Friedman, Director of Web Development at Neal Advertising.  Jesse has been developing websites for ten years and in addition to the work that he does at Neal Advertising, he is also an adjunct professor of web development at Johnson and Wales University and has spoken about web development at conferences and contributed content to web design publications.

The purpose of Jesse’s presentation at the Boston SEO Meetup event was to give an overview of SEO from the standpoint of a web developer.  Jesse takes a “progressive enhancement” approach to web development, which means that the focus is on making content accessible to everyone.

Here are some key insights from the presentation:

  • It’s important to enhance content for users and for Google and HTML needs to be created to house good content.
  • Flash provides a nice user experience for those that use Flash, but it limits what Google can see.
  • When developing a site, start with people that have limited access (text based) and then build the site up using CSS.
  • The footer is growing in importance for websites and is no longer just a place to put copyright information; it’s like a second navigation.
  • What makes Google happy is what makes users happy and sometimes it’s better to stop worrying so much about Google.
  • It’s important to pay attention to your page load time.  Anything under four seconds is like an A+ in Google’s eyes.
  • Always worry about the user experience first.

The last part of the Boston SEO Meetup event included a Q+A in which attendees could ask questions or explain current challenges that they are facing and get input from other members.

The first challenge came from someone that was trying to target the U.K. in Bing.  Suggestions included starting a local SEO link building campaign, submitting to local directories, and optimizing the site using U.K. locations.

The second question came from someone wondering whether a sign up page should be on the homepage or on an interior page.  The group mentioned that if getting people to sign up is a main goal of the website, the sign up page shouldn’t be hidden.

Brick Marketing was the food sponsor for the evening.

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