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If you missed the November Meetup, here’s a recap

November 29, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

I really appreciated seeing this recap from Eric Lander, our speaker for the November Meetup, since I was one of the ones who missed the event!  There is a video of the presentation, a PDF download of the handout, and a few interesting links and comments.  Thanks again to Eric for the presentation!

Link Building Blunder – Online Directory Abuse!

November 10, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

Link building and website rankings can be achieved in many different ways. Call ten different search engine marketing firms and you will likely get ten different answers on how rankings can be acquired. Like any other industry bad apples weasel their way in like wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing and ruin it for all of us looking build on solid footing.

It is no surprise that submitting your website and company into directories is a great way to kick start your SEO and relevant one way link building efforts. When are too many directories too much? When is it not enough? It is important to sometimes take a step back and make sure you are taking a quality approach as well. Whatever happened to putting out honest quality work? Is buying a service from a hole in the wall company offering five thousand directory submissions a good thing? I don’t’ think it is. There are lots of directories out there. Some good and many bad. Sometimes you don’t need to be in every directory possible. I would rather submit a website into the Yahoo directory and Best of Web than find a few hundred offshore directories that could hurt me in the long run. Manipulating the search engines to thinking you are performing hard earned rankings only ruins this industry for all the white hat SEO people. I’m not going to sit here and complain but these types of practices will only lead to the fall of the entire industry. The search engines are constantly tweaking and changing to keep these wild banshees from ruing these amazing tools for us. Shoving your company information into a few thousand directories and getting rankings certainly doesn’t deserve a pat on the back. It’s an easy way out by exploiting the search engines loop holes.

If everyone took this path quality online marketing techniques would go out the window. Yes taking time and executing a well thought out link building plan takes a great deal effort. Nobody wants to wait 12 months before they see their website climbing for their competitive keywords but once it is done you have a great foundation to build from. What are you going to do if Google someday implements a quote for how many directories you can be listed in before you are penalized? Allowing you only a certain number of submission therefore only choosing the most relevant and industry related directories. If you are trying to come off like you have a solid company but you have chose less than stellar means to get those high rankings than what kind of work do you plan on doing for your clients? What do you do if you pass this type of effort onto your client and all of a sudden their website is gone or on page 325?

Let’s talk about what this does for credibility for the ones looking to take a more quality path. What happens when your client sees that a competitor that has a website 1/3 their age all of sudden surpass them on the ladder to the top because that website has taken a loophole of an approach? All of a sudden your client calls you kicking and screaming telling you how to do your job. Directory submissions are good, don’t get me wrong but when used appropriately and targeted they are even better. If you choose a hundred or so of the top directories and then find some really targeted niche directories for your industry or business you could virtually receive the same amount of link love. A quality approach will build you a better foundation for your business long term. Sooner or later the search engines will tweak the algorithm so that the easy path will not be so easy anymore and you will find your way at the bottom of the ladder. It really isn’t a matter of if but more so when.

This article is written by Nick Stamoulis, who is the President of Boston Internet Marketing Company, Brick Marketing.

Welcome to

November 10, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

For the past couple of years, Dave Matson, Brian Hawkins and I have been working on building community among search marketing professionals in the Boston area.  This website is the next extension of that effort.  The meetup site has done well for event planning, but hasn’t been as useful in other areas where we can help foster community in our regional industry.

As you can see, we’ve already begun adding featured articles, job postings, and relevant news items to the site.  I would like to take this moment to invite you to submit feature articles for publication.  If you have a job opening, please let us know and we’ll post it here.  Some interesting news item?  Write it up and send it in.  And, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!