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Create Content for All Target Audience Members

If you want your SEO campaign to be successful, it’s necessary to include content marketing as a part of the strategy. SEO has changed drastically over the years. It’s not so much about link building anymore as it is about link earning. Inbound links that point to your site should be achieved naturally. Natural links occur mostly from informational content. People will share and link to content that they find useful. That’s why ongoing content marketing is such a huge piece of the SEO puzzle today.
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September 2013 – Boston SEO Meetup Recap

Last night, the Boston SEO Meetup group met at the Microsoft Research and Development Center in Cambridge, MA. With views of the Boston skyline and the turning of the leaves, over 50 SEO aficionados gathered in the Sampson Conference Room.

The room became standing-room only as Scott Jangro began his presentation on Content Marketing. Scott Jangro is the co-founder of Shareist, an online content marketing platform. His presentation was titled Content Marketing for the Chronically Disorganized. Slides from the presentation are available on SlideShare.

In order to do content marketing effectively, you need to get into a routine of consuming, curating, and creating content. Taking a note from the recent series finale of Breaking Bad, Scott provided the group with an interesting acronym to follow – RICIN, (complete with an awesome sketch of Walter White).

Here is how it breaks down:

  • R = Read Content: find content sources that you can check every day. Read your content over coffee, on breaks, or while taking public transit. There are tools available to help collect content including RSS feeds and alternatives to the now defunct Google Reader.
  • I = Capture Ideas: Once you identify your content sources, use tools such as Evernote or Delicious to bookmark content so that it is easily accessible.
  • C = Curate Daily: Share other content! “Content Curation” has become a buzzword in the content marketing sphere. It means to select outstanding content from other sources and share them with your social networks.
  • I = Invent Content: Make your own content! Scott recommends that you follow a 4 out of 5 rule. For every 4 pieces of content you share from other sources, you should publish and share content of your own.
  • N = Publish a Newsletter: Create a weekly newsletter with highlights of all of the content you have shared for the previous week to engage your current audience and attract new followers.

Scott reminded us to “create content when you can.” Unless you have a team of content creators, it is very difficult to create new, unique, and compelling content every day. Set up a schedule that works for you whether it is once a week, or twice a month – just make sure that it fits into your schedule so that you aren’t rushing to publish mediocre content.

As usual snacks were provided by Brick Marketing, a full-service SEO company based in Boston.  Brick Marketing is offering its next full-day SEO training workshop on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 in downtown Boston. The full-day SEO intensive is geared for small business owners, marketing managers, and individuals who are getting started with SEO. Registration information is available here.

The next Boston SEO Meetup is scheduled for Monday, November 11, 2013 at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in the Thomas Paul Conference Room. The group is always looking for new speakers. If you or somebody you know is interested in speaking, contact the organizers Dave, Brian, or Peter on the Boston SEO Meetup page –

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August 2013 – Boston SEO Meetup Recap

The Boston SEO Meetup group gathers together last night at the Robbins Library in Arlington, MA. About 40 SEO enthusiasts (both professional and novice) met to make new connections, and share their insights to the ever changing world of search engine optimization.

The August Meetup featured guest speaker, Suzanne McDonald. Chief Content and Social Media Strategist of Designated Editor, Suzanne was a previous attendee of the Boston SEO Meetup before she relocated to Rhode Island. She currently teaches social media strategy at the University of Rhode Island and most recently at Framingham State University. The presentation of the evening was called Promoting Events with Social Media to Boost SEO.

For those who were unable to attend the event, slides from her presentation is available on SlideShare.

There are four stages to leveraging social media for your event. A benefit of utilizing multiple social media channels is increased traffic to your website, which in turn improves the site’s SEO. The four stages are:

1)      Setting up the event
2)      Promoting the event
3)      Day of event engagement
4)      Post event analysis, social media engagement, and review of ROI

Some of the interesting statistics from the presentation included social media’s effect on revenue. According to a study from EventBrite, social media on average drives $3.24 in revenue to the event organizer. Not only do social media channels drive awareness for the event, but it also has a direct impact on ticket sales.

Once you get attendees to register for the event, your work doesn’t start. On the day of the event engagement activities could include using a hashtag for the event, live blogging, a social media lounge, and a question and answer session conducted over Twitter.

Some of the tools that were discussed last night to aid in social media promotion included:

Attendees of the Meetup enjoyed refreshments by the food and beverage sponsor, Brick Marketing. A Boston-based SEO company, Brick Marketing is holding a full-day SEO training workshop on October 2, 2013 in downtown Boston. The workshop is geared for small business owners and those just getting started with SEO. Registration information is available here.

The Boston SEO Meetup group is always looking for new speakers. If you or somebody you know is interested in speaking, contact the organizers Dave, Brian, or Peter on the Boston SEO Meetup page –

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July 2013 – Boston SEO Meetup Recap

Last night, the Boston SEO Meetup group met at the Robbins Library in Arlington, MA. About 50 local SEO professionals and enthusiasts gathered to network and discuss all things related to Search Engine Optimization. The evening featured a guest speaker, Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting & Co-author of The Art of SEO. Eric has been in the tech industry for over 30 years. Initially a software engineer, he switched gears to SEO in 2002 and hasn’t looked back.

The topic of the evening was Winning Content Marketing Strategies and How to Scale Them.  Eric broke down the different components of successful content marketing campaigns, explained how content marketing works to drive traffic, and why you need to be doing it. Some highlights from his presentation included:

Social Media and an Integrated Content Strategy
Using social media to promote content is a big part of your content strategy. In that content will be shared across multiple platforms, you need to have an integrated content strategy in place to make sure your topics are consistent across all channels.

AuthorRank and Verified Online Profiles
Google’s AuthorRank connects your Google+ profile to the content you create. In Eric’s most recent blog post, he quotes Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google on the importance of establishing authorship.

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.”

Guest Blogging
There are two main components of guest blogging that you need to focus on. They are:

1) Producing high quality content.
2) Making sure the content gets posted to high quality sites.

The sites you post to are just as important as the content you create. The sites you choose to place guest content on need to be highly trusted, produce great content regularly, and are thought leaders in their respective industries.

Brick Marketing, refreshment sponsor of the evening, actually interviewed Eric back in April. In the interview he provides a great explanation on unique versus differentiated content and how to stand out against the other thousand pieces of content on the web. You can read more of the interview here:

The presentation concluded with Eric in the “hot-seat,” answering questions from the room. One of the most memorable quotes of the evening from Eric, regarding making connections was “Face to face is still the best way to build relationships. Nothing in our digital world is going to change that.”

The next SEO Meetup will take place at the Robbins Library in Arlington, MA on Monday, August 5. It will feature guest speaker Suzanne McDonald, Chief Content Strategist at Designated Editor and founder of Newport Interactive Marketers.

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May Boston SEO Meetup Recap

The Boston SEO Meetup group met on May, 2nd 2013* at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, MA. This month the Meetup featured speaker Mike Tekula of Distilled NYC and his presentation was entitled Integration of Authorship & AuthorRank into Search.

*This was a rescheduled date as the April SEO Meetup had been originally scheduled for April 15th, however due to the bombings at the Boston Marathon the event was rescheduled. Please consider donating to the One Fund to help those affected.

Here is a brief overview of Mike Tekula’s presentation: [Read more...]

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Search Marketing Jobs

SEO Manager – Cambridge, MA

The SEO Manager will be responsible for day to day management of all on-site and off-site factors of the SEO program including site optimization, link development, cross-functional collaboration, analysis and reporting. Candidate must be willing to share case studies and results from past efforts including internal site changes that led to improved rank and higher sales, link building programs that resulted in quality backlinks, and KPI’s used to measure the success of an SEO program. [Read more...]

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Brick Marketing Is Looking to Hire a Web Developer and Website Designer in Woburn, MA Office

Boston-area SEO firm Brick Marketing is looking to add a full-time web developer/website designer to our in-house team.

Web Development Requirements:

  • WordPress, CSS, HTML
  • Familiar with Drupal, e-commerce platforms, and other Content Management Systems
  • Familiar with mobile app development
  • Familiar with responsive design
  • Familiar with technical SEO
  • Must be comfortable building a website from the ground up
  • Javascript and Flash experience a plus [Read more...]

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Project Manager / SEO Strategist

Job Description

190west is looking for an experienced Project Manager & SEO Strategist. The PM’s are responsible for maintaining relationships with our most important people, the customers.

Having a single point of contact ensures that communication is rapid, thorough, and effective. The Project Manager manages the internal efforts on multiple accounts and sees that the specific needs of their clients are met by maintaining day-to-day communication via phone, email and other methods. They also supervise a team of 5-8 employees (and contractors) responsible for the optimization and development of the campaigns managed. [Read more...]

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Experienced Google AdWords Consultant

Job Description

190west is looking for an experienced PPC (Google AdWords) Consultant to help us grow and improve our Internet Marketing offerings. This person needs to be self-motivated, understand enterprise sales cycles (e.g. Marketing Automation Systems, SFDC). The position will be focused on pre-sales support and daily management of paid search campaigns.

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Boston SEO Firm Brick Marketing Hiring Full Time Position

Marketing Assistant Job Description:

Job Title: Marketing Assistant
Location: Boston SEO Firm Brick Marketing in Woburn, Massachusetts Office
Compensation: Commensurate with experience; health insurance; 401K
Duration: Full-time, 40 hours/week [Read more...]

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